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Each box contains 30 sachets of pellamex. Simply take one sachet a day for strong, healthy, and hydrated skin. Read Rosie's "before and after" success story below!

pellamex is a natural food supplement that has been clinically researched and developed by skincare experts especially for dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. It works by nourishing your skin’s natural protective shield from the inside so you look and feel great on the outside!

The natural ingredients in pellamex have been expertly blended to work together to strengthen your skin, making it much less susceptible to dryness, reddening and cracking on the surface. 

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Rosie's success story

"I had coped with eczema for 6 years, but when it spread to my face, I knew I had to take back some control. An eczema specialist told me that my eczema was genetic and the result of a filaggrin deficiency, so I decided to work hard at all the things I COULD control. I worked at gut health and stress management, anything to bring down my inflamed body and mind. About 6 weeks in my skin started to heal. This journey eventually brought me to the Pellamex website.

After taking Pellamex for around 3 weeks, my skin healed even more! I couldn’t believe that my skin could actually be clear. I recommend Pellamex to anyone who’s embarking on a lifestyle change to heal their eczema. I believe that to heal your eczema you need to tackle mind, body, soul...and take Pellamex daily."

At the moment we only deliver pellamex to places in Europe.

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