The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin - the part that you can see! Filaggrin is an important protein found at the top of the epidermis.

Filaggrin is crucial to making the skin's natural barrier work. This barrier prevents water loss and protects the skin from the stresses of the outside world, especially from microorganisms, irritants and pollutants. 


How does our skin make filaggrin?

The epidermis has multiple layers within itself. New skin cells are made in the deepest layer of the epidermis. These cells then gradually move upwards towards the surface of the skin where they are shed off. This is how the skin regenerates itself.

One of the highest layers of the epidermis, just under the skin surface, is called the stratum granulosum and it is here that the skin cells make the filaggrin protein.  The cells of the stratum granulosum contain granules, which are filled with the new filaggrin protein.

The filaggrin protein is critical to the skin barrier because it helps to bundle up the tough keratin filaments in the top layer of the epidermis that provide a good, strong, protective skin barrier.

When filaggrin has completed its job of bundling up the keratin filaments it then naturally breaks down into free amino acids, which are the major components of the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). The NMF keeps the skin hydrated and maintains the essential acidity of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, which provides another line of defence, especially against bacteria and other microorganisms.

Why is filaggrin important?        

We know that some people don't make enough filaggrin and are more likely to suffer from dry and sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, xerosis, ichthyosis and age-related dryness and skin fragility. Not only is their skin barrier not working properly but they also have less Natural Moisturising Factor. This is a double hit to their skin’s natural protection! By increasing levels of filaggrin in the epidermis, the skin is less likely to be susceptible to dryness, resulting in strong, healthy, hydrated skin.

A broken skin barrier allows pollutants in and moisture out. People with filaggrin deficiency often have dry skin due to a weaker skin barrier.



pellamex nourishes your skin's natural protective shield from the inside so you can look and feel great on the outside.

pellamex is a food supplement suitable for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Each dose comes in a small portable sachet, is easy to consume and only has to be taken once daily for noticeable results after approximately one month.*

(*this duration varies from person to person and also the severity of the condition of their skin).

How does it work?

The natural ingredients in pellamex have been expertly blended to work together to strengthen the epidermis from the inside, making it much less susceptible to dryness, reddening and cracking on the surface.

The main active ingredient in pellamex is an amino acid which we know is essential for the skin to make filaggrin properly. If the skin can't get enough of this amino acid it can't make filaggrin properly and problems with the skin barrier and skin sensitivity occur. 

The development and formulation of pellamex for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin has been inspired by our clinical studies* which showed a decrease in the severity of eczema in adults after 30 days use.

pellamex has two sites of action:

  • The amino acid in pellamex is a vital building block for filaggrin which helps restore a natural, strong skin barrier which protects the skin from the stresses of the outside world, especially from microorganisms, irritants and pollutants. The strong skin barrier also helps to keep moisture in the skin.
  • The amino acid in pellamex is also part of the NMF so when it reaches the uppermost layers of the skin it can directly help in keeping the skin hydrated.

pellamex also contains Vitamins B2, B3, B­7, Vitamin E and zinc, which are known to help maintain healthy skin. 


A strong skin barrier keeps the moisture in and pollutants out. pellamex also contributes to the Natural Moisturising Factor at the surface of the skin.

pellamex and older skin

Levels of filaggrin are reported to decrease as we get older and, not surprisingly, the skin barrier may not work brilliantly. The ingredients in pellamex are designed to stimulate the body’s natural production of filaggrin and help restore the skin barrier and increase the NMF.

Dry skin is a common problem as we get older. It can also become more difficult to use creams and emollients on harder to reach parts of the skin.  pellamex provides a safe and manageable alternative to traditional treatments for dry skin. It is taken once a day and because it is a food supplement it will work all over the skin.

It's really is easy, just take one sachet of pellamex once a day- all you have to do is drink it and go!



*Siao Pei Tan, Simon B Brown, Christopher EM Griffiths, Richard B Weller & Neil K. Gibbs. Clinical, Cosmetic &  Investigational Dermatology (2017); Vol 10: p403-411