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pellamex works best for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Typically, positive results are seen after about 4 weeks of use by working with the skin’s natural 28-day turnover cycle.

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Your skin typically has a 28-day turnover, renewing all the time.

pellamex works with your skin to nourish it throughout this cycle with positive effects usually seen after one month of use.

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Just some of our reviews

"After taking the product for two months every day, alongside introducing a healthier diet and sleep regime, my hands were completely eczema free. I cannot recommend this product enough."

Amber, Hampshire

“After taking Pellamex for around three weeks, my skin healed even more! I couldn’t believe that my skin could actually be clear.”

Rosie, Northumberland

“My skin’s overall condition is much improved due to the reduction of high dose steroid creams abated, so my overall health is improved.”

Veronica, Cheshire

“The pimples seem so much less aggressive and laundry is simpler. After two years, the general condition of my skin is noticeably better too.”

Nick, Essex