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This couldn’t be easier, just place your order for the number of tubes of pellamex tablets that you require. A tube of 14 pellamex tablets lasts a week.

Please note that our clinical studies indicate that it usually takes 4 weeks to give pellamex a chance to work, so you will need 4 tubes of pellamex tablets.

Save 10% by buying 4 tubes of pellamex tablets .

Delivered to your door

The number of tubes of effervescent pellamex tablets that you have ordered will be delivered to your door from our fulfilment warehouse using Royal Mail and other trusted couriers.

Easy to Take Effervescent Tablets

Each day, just place two pellamex effervescent tablets into a glass of water for a delicious tasting berry-flavoured drink.

A tube of 14 pellamex tablets lasts a week.

See the results

pellamex works best for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Typically, results are seen after about 4 weeks of use by working with the skin’s natural 28-day turnover cycle.

For 4 weeks supply of pellamex you will need 4 tubes of tablets

Save 10% by buying 4 tubes of pellamex tablets .

pellamex works naturally with your skin's biology

Your skin is naturally replaced every 28 days or so. Building up and maintaining the benefits of nourished and more resilient skin can be easily continued by taking pellamex every day.

Working with your skin's biology!

Your skin typically has a 28-day turnover, renewing all the time.

pellamex works with your skin to nourish it throughout this cycle with effects usually seen after 4 weeks of use.

With the new pellamex effervescent tablets, 4 weeks supply is four tubes of tablets.

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Just some of our reviews

"After taking the product for two months every day, alongside introducing a healthier diet and sleep regime, my hands were completely eczema free. I cannot recommend this product enough."

Amber, Hampshire

“After taking Pellamex for around three weeks, my skin healed even more! I couldn’t believe that my skin could actually be clear.”

Rosie, Northumberland

“My skin’s overall condition is much improved due to the reduction of high dose steroid creams abated, so my overall health is improved.”

Veronica, Cheshire

“The pimples seem so much less aggressive and laundry is simpler. After two years, the general condition of my skin is noticeably better too.”

Nick, Essex