Curapel is an award-winning, skin healthcare company developing products under its brand name, Curapella. Our patented products contain safe and naturally-occurring ingredients, and provide effective and innovative alternatives to the traditional methods of looking after your skin. All our products are backed up by science and are clinically tested.

The original research for Curapella products was carried out by dermatology experts from the University of Manchester Dermatology Centre. After receiving a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2012, Dr Neil Gibbs spun Curapel out of the University of Manchester in 2014 after raising investment to develop and clinically validate the patented research technologies.

Our first product is pellamex: a ground-breaking supplement for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin which can now be bought on this website!

We also have products in the pipeline for skin conditions such as psoriasis and pigmentation disorders, as well as ones that target cosmetic skincare applications. These products are undergoing pre-clinical development and dermatological testing.


The University of Manchester Centre for Dermatology

Curapel started in the Centre for Dermatology at the University of Manchester. The study to test our first product, pellamex, was conducted in the Dermatopharmacology Unit at the university.

The University of Manchester is renowned for education and innovation that resonates across the world, and their research has real-world impact beyond academia.

The Centre for Dermatology has excellent facilities and track records of whole human research, physiological and clinical trials, dedicated skin tissue research laboratories, and long-running collaborative research programmes within the Life Sciences laboratories. The centre also has access to large community patient populations, as well as extensive collaborative networks all over the world. Scientists at the centre address the interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic factors in the aetiology, prevention and treatment of skin disorders. Their research techniques range from molecular biology to psychosocial assessment.

With dermatological expertise, world-class facilities and commercialisation help from UMIP, scientists were able to carry out research behind the company’s first product: an effective, innovative and patented supplement for eczema-prone skin, pellamex. The company spun-out from the university in 2014, but product development remains firmly underpinned by rigorous scientific methodology.