What price would you pay for improved quality of life?

What price would you pay for improved quality of life?


Is your skin dry or itchy? Are you self-conscious about baring your skin, or does it take you ages to choose what to wear because you lack confidence due to the appearance of your skin? Do you struggle with discomfort? Do you long for soft, radiant skin?

It’s difficult to put a price on improved quality of life. Many of us would claim that our health and wellbeing are priorities, but when it comes to paying for remedies, treatments or health checks, we’re reluctant to part with our cash. How would you feel if you could improve the quality of your life for less than the price of a daily coffee? Not only is the cost minimal, but the amount of money you spend on other specialised products for your sensitive and eczema-prone skin could be reduced as well.


Skincare solutions: how pellamex can soothe dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin

It’s very rare to have perfect skin, but there are solutions that can help to tackle skin problems. If you have dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin, this can affect your confidence and cause daily discomfort.

There is help! Made using natural ingredients, pellamex is designed to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier, working by making the skin more robust from the inside. It contains an amino acid essential for the production of Filaggrin, a protein found in the surface layers of the skin. By increasing levels of Filaggrin in the epidermis the skin is less likely to be susceptible to dryness; resulting in strong, healthy, hydrated skin.

  •  Do you suffer from skin problems and dream of having soft, smooth skin free from flaky patches and redness?
  •   Are you tired of dealing with skin issues and looking for affordable ways of nourishing and protecting your skin?
  •  Would you like to reduce what you spend on special creams, lotions and make-up?
  •  Do you want to increase your confidence?

Then why not try pellamex?

It’s very common to suffer from skin problems, but this doesn’t mean you have to!  At only £1.67 per day, it is less than most people spend on a cup of coffee each morning. Helping to nourish, hydrate, protect and strengthen your skin it boosts your confidence without breaking the bank. If you have dry or irritable skin or you’re prone to outbreaks of eczema, setting aside a small sum every day will dramatically improve your quality of life.

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