Try pellamex, recommended by Peta Bee of The Times!

Acute sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, xerosis, ichthyosis and age-related dryness and skin fragility will often be exacerbated in the cold winter months. As a consequence, you’ll be looking for ways to protect your skin as the cold hits.

As mentioned in The Times recently by regular contributor Peta Bee, pellamex is a fantastic skincare supplement that can help protect your skin if you suffer from excessive dryness or eczema. Peta Bee covered the great scientific provenance behind this product, and how it helps address problems within the body rather than on the surface of the skin. Instead of applying a topical treatment to the affected areas, you supplement your diet with a product that can nourish your skin from the inside. As a result, the writer recognised how pellamex could help protect skin and soothe symptoms of skin conditions, like eczema, during winter. 

What is pellamex?

pellamex isn’t a cream or gel, but rather an oral supplement that can be taken alongside your regular skincare routine and can actually reduce your need for steroid creams. It is packed full of essential amino acids from various natural sources. Amino acids are a vital part of our internal system as they’re the building blocks of various proteins within our body. We have multiple proteins inside us, but one of the most important is filaggrin. As it stated in The Times article, filaggrin is a protein that works to strengthen the skin barrier. By taking pellamex as a regular supplement, it’s clinically proven to give your natural filaggrin production a boost!

What does this mean for your skin?

It’s found that people suffering from dry skin problems like eczema have an issue producing this protein. They’re deficient in it, which essentially means their skin barrier isn’t as protective as it should be. This is particularly problematic during winter, as your skin will be attacked by cold air that makes your issues worse. But, by using pellamex, you could increase your filaggrin production, meaning your skin’s natural protective shield is adequately nourished and can offer a better defence.

As this supplement works from inside to out it doesn’t just address the symptoms of your skin problems, it tackles the cause. Proper filaggrin levels mean that your skin isn’t only protected from outside forces, but the cells below the surface can finally start working correctly. This means that they hydrate your skin more effectively, leading to better long-term results.

How is pellamex taken?

Perhaps the best thing about pellamex is that it is a small supplement taken once per day and supplied in easy to use single serve sachets. There’s no need to spend ages covering yourself in creams or ointments, just take this supplement orally to protect your skin.

If you’re looking for a way to naturally protect your skin this winter, then choose pellamex. Don’t just take our word for it, this supplement has been recommended in The Times and various other media publications. It’s backed by clinically proven science, and you can purchase it today from our website.